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(DisasterAWARE Professional Version Only)

Share your products in DisasterAWARE

Users with administrative privileges have the ability to add and edit hazard products in DisasterAWARE, such as a File (e.g. photo, map, SitRep, report) and URLs (e.g. link to website or bookmark URL). To learn more about administrative capabilities see the section on System administration. If you do not have administrator privileges, but wish to share a product, contact to have your file uploaded to the system.

Sharing an existing hazard product

You can share any product associated with a hazard in the system by clicking a Hazard icon on the map and then the Products link from the map tooltip. Navigate to the products folder of interest.

Once you have identified a product you wish to share, click the Info icon. Then copy/paste the link provided to share with other authorized users (requires log in).