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Bookmark frequently used layers

Bookmarks allow you to quickly save your map view and content, such as layers and drawings, and share it with other DisasterAWARE users to quickly convey critical information about an event for a common operating picture. Create a series of bookmarks, depicting data and places you monitor regularly, and add them to your daily checklist.

Click the Bookmark icon on the left toolbar and then click the three dots at the top of the bookmark panel.

After clicking the three dots shown above, select Add Bookmark and choose the layer preferences you’d like to save. By selecting the Extents and Layers option shown below, you will ensure the full frame and content of your current map is saved.

Be sure to name your bookmark something meaningful so it’s easy to find at a later date.

The Share link shown below to the right allows you to copy/paste the link and share your bookmark with other DisasterAWARE users. A picture containing drawing Description automatically generated

Bookmarks serve as an excellent, interactive alternative to briefing PowerPoint slides.

You can automatically set your workspace default view to display the map area, zoom, and layers you want to view every time you log in. See the section titled Customize your workspace.