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Event Brief Triggers

Event Brief provides automated, near-real-time hazard impact assessments for hazards impacting (or predicted to impact) population. An Event Brief will be made available (triggered) when DisasterAWARE detects that population fall within the areas listed for each hazard below. 


Note: Event brief provides enhanced and expanded exposure and impact information to help you quickly answer What happened? When and where did it happen? How bad is it? However, if a hazard does not meet the trigger requirements listed below to issue an Event Brief, preliminary exposure estimates can be accessed by selecting the “More Information” button under that hazard’s Information tab. Be sure to revisit the hazard to see if an Event Brief has been created and for updates. 

Hazard  Event Brief Triggers (Population exposed to the following.) 
Tropical Cyclone  Minor Damage; power out and higher - Estimated Wind Impacts (TOAS Model) 
Avalanche  10km buffer (PDC) 
Biomedical  General affected area (PDC)) 
Drought  General affected area (PDC) 
Earthquake  Moderate Shaking (V) and stronger – Shaking Intensity (USGS ShakeMap Model) 
Extreme Temperature  General affected area (PDC) 

US – Flood Warning area (NWS) 

Canada – Flood Warning area (Canada Met) 

Hawaii – Flood hazard area (NWS) 

Global – Predictive Flood Warning area (NASA/PDC) or general affected area (PDC) 

High Surf 

Hawaii – High Surf alert area (NWS) 

Global – General affected area (PDC) 

High Winds 

Hawaii – High Winds alert area (NWS) 

Global – General affected area (PDC) 

Landslide  Predictive Landslide hazard area (NASA/PDC) or general affected area (PDC) 
Marine  General affected area (PDC) 
Storm  General affected area (PDC) 

US – Warning and Watches area (NWS) 

Global – General affected area (PDC) 

Tsunami  Coastal inland buffer refined by local tsunami zones were available (PDC) 
Volcano  10km buffer refined by additional hazard data for specific volcanos were available (PDC) 
Wildfire  Global – 24-hour Wildfire Activity Area (PDC) or manually defined general affected area (PDC) if not available 
USA – Current Wildfire Perimeter (NIFC) or 24-hour Wildfire Activity Area (PDC) if not available 
Winter Storm  US – Winter Storm Warning area (NWS) 
Global – General affected area (PDC)