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Anticipate hazard impacts with event brief

Event Brief provides critical, life-saving information to aid rapid response during large-scale hazard events that pose potentially devastating impacts. It helps anticipate hazard impacts and answer questions like: What happened? Where did it happen? How bad is it? What actions need to be taken?

For hazards that meet the Event Brief threshold (see thresholds later in this section), you can gain quick and easy access to:

  • Estimated population exposure, critical infrastructure, and capital exposure

  • Potential impacts to lifelines

  • Estimated humanitarian needs

  • Risk and vulnerability information

  • Live cameras

  • Humanitarian organizations operating in the affected area

  • Current weather conditions

  • Latest maps and products shared by PDC and other response organizations

  • Historical event impacts for comparison

  • Travel and health advisories

  • Top news stories about the event

*Please note: Certain features listed above may not be visible if data is unavailable for the hazard or area of interest. For more on hazards supported by Event Brief, see section later in this document title Event Brief Hazard Thresholds.


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How to access Event Brief

Option 1: Click a hazard icon hazard via the map and then click the Event Brief icon. The Event Brief report will open in a new tab within your browser and will automatically refresh every 60 seconds as new information becomes available.

Option 2: Click the hazard icon on the left toolbar to open the hazards panel. Click the hazard of interest, and then the Event Brief tab.