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System administration

DisasterAWARE greatly facilitates the ability of decision makers to access the most reliable and timely information about hazards happening anywhere around the globe. While many hazards and products are automatically created or integrated into the system, some hazards must be manually added to DisasterAWARE by trusted PDC analysts and partners. These individuals are granted special administrative access, allowing them to add and edit products and/or hazards in the system.

Administrative roles in DisasterAWARE include the ability to add and edit products added by your specific group, or to add and edit both hazards and products within your group. If you are interested in learning more about these roles, please contact

Add products to an existing hazard

DisasterAWARE users with administrative privileges can add products to any hazard to support collaboration and increase situational awareness across organizations during response. Products commonly uploaded include advisories and messages, Situation Reports (SitReps), maps, damage assessments, and other analytical products.

Click the Hazards icon on the left toolbar. With the Hazard panel open, use the search feature to locate the hazard for which you’d like to share a product. Alternatively, click on a hazard on the map and select the Products button.

Next, click the three dots at the top of the panel to access the Add Product option.

Please note that all products must be organized in a folder. See the next section below for more information on how to create folders and organize products.

A picture containing drawing Description automatically generated When adding or editing products, changes will be visible to all users. Be sure names are clear and concise. Include date information for static products (e.g. SitReps, maps, etc.) which are not automatically updated. [Source – Brief Product Title, Date; e.g. PDC – Preliminary Impact Assessment, 30 JUL 20].

After clicking the Add Product option, complete the form below. Whenever possible, convert URL products to PDF or JPG images and upload the file to the Hazard. This helps ensure that the product stays accessible in the future as external URLs may change and become invalid.