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(DisasterAWARE Professional Version Only)

Advanced Monitoring Tools and Capabilities

Monitor and protect your assets

Track your stationary or moving assets (such as buildings, personnel, or goods in transit), and receive alerts when a hazard poses a threat.

Import asset to be tracked

To setup asset tracking, click the SmartAlert icon on the left toolbar and then click the Assets link.

Once the Assets panel opens, click the Add Assets tab.

While in the Add Assets tab, click the Create Asset Provider button. You will need to add a data source for the assets you want to monitor.

Enter a meaningful name for the asset data layer you want to import and click the Source link. Next, click the Edit icon to begin the process of adding an asset layer to the system.

Note: If the minimum buffer radius for imported assets is set to a value of zero (0), SmartAlert notifications will only be triggered when a hazard directly impacts the specific assets tracked, as opposed to alerting on a radius outside of the assets.

Now click the Plus (+) symbol and add a web service URL for the assets layer you wish to import. If required, you can also add credentials needed to access the service by clicking the Authorization link.

To add authorization credentials, click the Edit icon, then the Plus (+) symbol, and then enter the layer authorization details shown below. Authorizations will remain in the list for future use, should you wish to import other asset sources that utilize the same authorization. You can remove authorizations at any time.

View imported asset layers

Layers Icon from toolbar Click the Layers icon in the left toolbar to view your list of layers.
The asset layer(s) you’ve added will appear under the User Layers folder along with any other data layers you’ve previously imported.

Delete asset layers and authorization credentials

Layers Icon from toolbar While in the Layers panel, select the Edit button. Expand the User Layers folder and select the Delete button shown below for the layer you wish to remove.

A picture containing drawing Description automatically generated You cannot delete authorization credentials until asset layers utilizing that authorization have been removed from your list of Asset Providers. Click the SmartAlert icon on the left toolbar, then Assets > Sources and select the credential you wish to delete. Next click the Edit icon and the Delete (x) icon.