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View historical hazard layers

PDC provides a variety of historical hazard information within DisasterAWARE. Information about historical hazard events can provide insight about the potential for future hazard impacts, the scale and scope of impacts, and can be used to help guide disaster mitigation, preparedness, and response plans.

Historical hazard data are also useful for conducting realistic, evidence-based preparedness exercises and for simulating hazard scenarios based on real-world events.

Historical hazard layers

You can explore historical hazard data by selecting the type of hazard from the layers panel.

Layers Icon from toolbar Click the Layers icon in the left toolbar. Scroll down to the Hazards and Warnings folder.
Expand the folder and navigate to the hazard type of your interest. Many types of hazards, although not all, have subfolders with historical information that can be viewed on the map.

Advanced search for expired hazards

The Advanced Hazard Search is located under the Hazards panel and allows you to search active and historical DisasterAWARE Hazards. These include associated products such as custom maps, situation reports, damage assessments, and more.

Click the Hazard icon on the left toolbar to open the hazards panel.
Next, click the Filter icon on the top right of the panel to use the Advanced Hazard Search feature. When searching for historical hazard information, be sure to turn off the Active button and turn on the Expire button.

If applicable, insert the Name of the hazard, a Date range, and/ or Types of hazards you want to search.

Disaster response events layers

PDC stores data layers specific to major disasters for which it is providing support in the Disaster Response Events folder. This folder includes active and historical response events with information about hazard zones and impacts contributed by the international response community.

Layers Icon from toolbar Click the Layers panel on the left toolbar.
Open Disaster Response Events subfolder to view all current and historical disaster response layers.

A screenshot of a map Description automatically generated

Note: Disaster Response Events layers are retained in DisasterAWARE to provide important insights about historical hazard events and their impacts, which is critical for planning for future events and preparedness exercises.