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(DisasterAWARE Professional Version Only)

Media hot spots

Increase your situational awareness about hazards through the latest media updates.

Click the Media icon from the left toolbar to see hot spots of media activity related to natural and manmade hazards happening around the world.
Zoom in closer to any hot spot to see the types of hazard articles reported within the area. You can use your mouse scroller, the “+” symbol on the right toolbar or zoom selector.

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The scanner tool allows you to filter results as you drag the scanner radius over areas of the map (see below). You can resize the radius by clicking the small grey circle and dragging as shown below.

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A picture containing drawing Description automatically generated Although news stories are automatically refreshed every five minutes, you can click the three dots at the bottom of the Media panel and Refresh Stories to manually refresh at any time.

To quickly filter news articles by topic, click the Article Tag Cloud shown above and select the keyword categories of interest. Then close the panel to see the filtered news stories.

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To apply additional filters to news stories, click the Settings icon in the Media panel. Filter by media type, location coordinates, or adjust keyword filters and click Done to apply.

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