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Print maps

DisasterAWARE not only provides quick and easy ways to create custom maps, without having to be a GIS expert, it also provides a stylized, professional map template and multiple export options (e.g. PDF, PNG, and JPEG).

Create a printable map

To get started, select the Print feature next to the Legend icon at the top right of corner of the application.

Next, select the Create Print option in the Print Jobs panel.

Define your print preferences

The Print feature provides multiple settings that allow you to customize the output of your print. These include a resizable map frame, customizable title and description, a selection of standard paper sizes, optimized resolution for on-screen viewing or printing, and file type to be output.

First, set the size area of the map to be printed. You can adjust the print area by clicking and dragging the frame handles shown below.

Next, enter map details such as the title you would like to have displayed in the banner, description, and other details shown below.

Timeline Description automatically generated

Download your map for printing

Once you have entered your print details as described above, you can now download your print. Within the same Print panel, select the Add to Queue button as depicted in the screenshot above.

Your print will appear in the Prints list. When it finishes processing, select the blue arrow next to the print you want to download.

A picture containing drawing Description automatically generated Prints that you have created will expire from the system within 30 days. It is recommended that you download all prints to your local environment to maintain an historical record.