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Area Brief

Create Area Brief reports

Area brief allows you to create brief summary reports for a selected hazard or geographic area of interest. Reports include key details about population, infrastructure, terrain, meteorological conditions, risk and vulnerability, health infrastructure, biological disease outbreaks, and more.

To access Area Brief, click the Area Brief icon on the left toolbar. Next, click the Enable Area Selection button. This activates the Area Select tool, so you click and drag over an area of interest on the map.

A picture containing drawing Description automatically generated If you click and hold the Area Select tool from the right toolbar, you can choose between a square or circle radius. The maximum area that can be selected is an extent (radius) of no more than three degrees. If you select an area too large, it will appear red on the map. Reduce the size of the area until it returns to green to complete your selection.

Once you have made a selection, the report will appear in the Area Brief panel. You can generate multiple reports, all of which will be listed in the Area Brief panel and stored for the duration of your session.

Click the Report to view a summary of information for the area by topic.

You can click each topic to view the details inside the panel, or click Open Report in New Window button to view the full report in your browser and print/share it in PDF format.

A screenshot of a social media post Description automatically generated

Note: The Situational Awareness tab in this report will be included only when the area selected includes an active hazard.
Keep in mind that selections for large areas with a lot of data may take a minute or so to load.

Delete Area Brief reports

To remove a report listed in the Area Brief panel, check the box to the left of the report then the three dots at the top of the panel. Then choose the Remove selected reports button. Area Briefs will automatically be removed at the end of your session.